Episode 35: Brunch and a Movie with Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project

By Mary
We’re dropping the episode a bit early this week for a venture into Lower Lawrenceville with Kahmeela and Dan from the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. We delve into the difficult and rewarding process of making a short film in only 48 hours and why this festival is a great showcase for the local film scene. Other topics include: the art of storytelling, the evolution of PGH neighborhoods, our shared hatred of grocery shopping, and the hierarchy of the Furry community.

Recorded on location at Tamari in Lower Lawrenceville.

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The 48 Hour Film Projects will have its premiere screening on July 18, 19, and 20 at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. Tickets can be purchased here.

For more information on the 48 Hour Film Project, visit their website or follow them on Twitter @Pittsburgh48HFP.

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Portable 24 Volt Power Supply Units Have A Wide Variety Of Applications

A portable power supply has many applications in construction and in the aeronautics industry. For example, construction workers on sites in which the power grid is not accessible may use them to power tools. To lessen the number of power cords and improve safety, portable power supply units are used on different floors and areas.

In the aeronautics industry, powering tools is one application for the unit. They are also used to charge aircraft batteries without long, heavy cords. This promotes safety on airfields and in production hangars. The supply unit is also useful for charging automobile batteries as well as providing power to a wide range of appliances.

One example of a popular unit is the 24 volt power supply. The batteries provide 78 ah, or ampere-hours at a 10- hour rate. This allows the user to plug in a wide variety of tools or appliances. Since a unit can weigh over 200 pounds, it is mounted on a trolley and pulled with a handle. Placing the handle in the upright position engages the brake, ensuring the safety of the user. When the unit needs to be recharged, a cord is plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet and in approximately two hours, the unit is ready for use again.

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Episode 34: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Ayne Terceira

By Mary
We’re back on the Pittsburgh’s “fashionable” Penn Ave for a meal with improv star and interactive performer Ayne Terceira. We unravel the secrets of her upcoming show, Her Things, and discuss the process of interactive theater, collaboration with artists, and bringing improv instincts to a mystery piece.

Recorded on location at Caffe Mona on Penn Ave.

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For more information on Her Things and to buy tickets (they’re going fast, so jump on it), visit uncumbertheatrics.com

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Data Management for Clinical Trials

People are living longer these days. Statistically, most people are living longer due to the advances in medical care and treatment as well as pharmaceutical developments. Many of these modern advances and developments would never have reached the approval stage if there had never been clinical trials administered.

With the growth of the Internet and computer technology, medical and clinical trial administrators have utilized numerous methods to share the information about and findings from their research and testing. These medical researchers and clinical test administrators did not share a central database or clearinghouse, not even on the same college campus or major hospital’s research lab. This led to overlap among researchers working on the same issues without any clue of the research being conducted by others. Also, the methods employed that oftentimes led to inaccurate findings or inadequate testing due to the highly competitive nature of the medical research industry.

There are platforms available that can help medical researchers and clinical trial administrators who work on enhancing and improving health in general, while incorporating the features to register, administer and comply for clinical trials. Not only does this help with clinical trial registration, but there are also platforms available for clinical data transparency that assist clinical trial sponsors with the distribution of clinical trial data with the public. One of the content management development corporations involved in this specialized field is TrialScope. Companies like TrialScope strive to assist and empower clinical trial sponsors with compliance and regulatory issues.

Hands On: Gum++ Power Bank By Just Mobile

 Hands On: Gum++ Power Bank By Just Mobile

We always have a time when we said, “Darn it, I wish i had a power bank with me. My phone is almost dead.” We have reviewed a few Power Banks in the past, and now we have the Gum ++ from Just Mobile. This Power Bank is compact, but still carries enough power to charge your phone multiple times. How well does it work? Lets find out.


The Gum ++ From Just Mobile comes int 3 colors, Black, Gold, and Grey.  The Power Bank features One USB Charging Port to charge your devices. The Gum ++ can be charged via the MicroUSB Cable hat you use to charge your phone, or the one included in the package. . If you use and Apple device and don’t have a MicroUSB cable, you can use the one that comes with the Gum++. On the top of the Power Bank are 5 green LED Lights that show you the charge status of the Gum++. The power button is also on the top, just below the charge lights. When the Gum++ needs recharged, the last light will start flashing to alert you that it’s time to recharge.

The Gum++ is very easy to use. All you have to do is charge it up till all the lights are lit up, then plug your phone in, push the power button, and your good to go using your phone.

The Gum++ had a 6000mAh battery that will charge your iPhone 5S almost 4 times. Other popular phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Twice), HTC One M8 (Twice), Motorola Moto G (Almost 3 charges), and even power your tablets for extended use.

The Gum++ has a very simple design that is a square shape with rounded corners, The top and bottom are the color you select, and the sides are black. The coloring does have a nice metallic sheen to it, this helps set it apart from all the other mono-tone colored ones.

The Gum++ rapidly charges your phone with a 2.5A output. This is better than some other chargers that only give you 1A or 1.5A . That causes your phone to take longer to reach a full charge.

Overall the Gum++ Power Bank By Just Mobile is a great option to take with you if you need some extra charge for your phone. The small size makes it very portable, and the ability to charge your phone up to 3 times makes it will worth the $69.95 price. Check out usa.just-mobile.com for this and all the other great products they feature.


Today’s Businesses Run on Mobile

shutterstock 193383884 Todays Businesses Run on MobileMany employees depend on mobile devices to help them operate more efficiently. Mobile technology frees them and their managers from being tethered to a desk and allows them to focus their energies on their responsibilities.

Mobile Technologies Are Essential Employee Tools

Service-oriented businesses thrive when employees can work onsite with clients and remain in contact with the office through a smartphone or tablet. The sheer range of tools and apps have provided employees with a mobile office, freeing up face time to spend with clients.

Brick-and-mortar stores also use mobile devices for tasks such as tracking inventory with software and apps created for this purpose. Employees can use their smartphones to quickly research customers’ questions without leaving their side and risk losing a sale. In short, mobile devices are liberating employees from the desktop world.

The BYOD Phenomenon

More employees than ever before are bringing their own devices to work. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, became the norm at work in 2013, says CIO, prompting a flurry of security procedures and policies for outside devices coming into work.

Employers are starting to realize that employees get frustrated when they find themselves stuck to a desktop with no other resources at hand.They resorted to their own devices, pun intended, in response to this frustration. They turn to their own trusty devices to perform quick research, look up a contact or compute a complex problem. Some even install programs that help them work more efficiently. And they can print from their mobile devices as well.

Rather than get caught up trying to halt BYOD—which appears to be here to stay—smart businesses should support employees’ choices. The first step is to identify a wireless service with specific small business services and expertise.

Wireless Services for Small Businesses

Many employers are uneasy about BYOD and security for good reason. Even the most conscientious employee can accidentally compromise company security. It makes sense for business owners to take matters into their own hands and support or give employees a choice of smartphones or tablets that help them with their work. This means purchasing a mobile plan and perhaps the actual devices. This can be daunting for a small business owner who doesn’t want to face the wireless industry’s penchant for unpredictable bills, overage charges and two-year contracts with steep early termination penalties.

But, this unpleasant scenario is changing. “The wireless industry has seemed determined to make things harder, not simpler, for small businesses” a T-Mobile spokesperson admitted to San Francisco Small Business Week in May 2014. “T-Mobile has cancelled our membership in the clueless carrier club.” T-Mobile is providing a “Simple Choice” plan to small businesses, which includes unlimited talk, text and Web among other perks and extras.

While T-Mobile has dropped contracts altogether, ComputerWorld notes that the other major providers—AT&T, Verizon and Sprint—still have them but offer off-contract services as well. There are also many mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to consider. These services lease bandwidth provided by the Big Four and may even cost a bit less; however, few can provide a complete small business package that includes essential services such as roaming coverage, hotspots and visual voice mail.

Mobile providers offer a range of smartphones and tablets in both Android and iOS formats. MVNOs have a considerably smaller inventory to choose from than the Big Four. However, many services can unlock smartphones from competitor services to work on their networks as well, avoiding the cost for a new device.

Episode 33: Brunch Power Hour with Ali Spagnola

By Mary
We’re in Shadyside for a session with musician Ali Spagnola, the self-described “Drinking Composer with a Music Problem.” We talk about the creation of her Power Hour Drinking Game album, her rise to “internet stardom”, and the legal difficulties that came along with it. Also: talk about our musical pasts, app development, and when we’ll figure out when what we’re doing with our lives. Plus: will Mary survive her juice cleanse?

Recorded on location at 1947 Tavern in Shadyside.

To learn more about Ali Spagnola and various projects, visit her website, follow her on Twitter @alispagnola and learn more about Power Hour at powerhouralbum.com

Follow the show @brunchburgh, online at www.brunchburgh.com, and on iTunes.

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Four Hour Work Week

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Repairing Your Own Vehicle

People who want to do their auto repairs at home should remember they can find the auto parts they need online. There are parts of the car that must be replaced regularly, and there are other parts of the car that must be replaced in extreme situations. Buying the right part requires a process that ensures proper purchase and repair. If the home mechanic follows each step, they can keep their car running for a long time.

Wipers, Filters and Lights

The wipers, filters and lights on the car must be replaced when they stop working. The wipers on the car come in measurements that are easy for the driver to understand. The driver can look at the current wipers and choose the style size. The driver can get a similar tail light to replace their broken one, and the filters inside the car are specific to the make and model of the car.

Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses on the car must be replaced in extreme circumstances. It is difficult to reach these parts, but the parts can be accessed by a professional who understands how to disassemble the car. There is a repair manual for the car that will outline this process for the driver.

Oil and Fluids

The oil and fluids for the car must be purchased based on the climate and needs of the car. Some cars need oil made for older engines. There are other cars that need fluids that can stand up to extreme temperatures. The driver must consider the state the car is in and where they live to make sure they get the right fluids.


Replacing the accessories in the car is simple for a driver because these parts are specific to the car. The driver can match the make and model to their car, and the part can be easily replaced by the driver. Each new repair the driver does should follow these same procedures. The home mechanic can do anything they want to their car when they use the many resources they can find online and the tools they have at home.