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We like to highlight sites on the TechBurgh blog. Sometimes not because of the content but because of the design of the site, what’s offered, how relevant it is etc. came across my desk again recently and I thought I’d take a look. They’ve made a couple of changes in the design so I thought I’d give it another post. is simply dedicated to web hosting, researching prices and providing help for users searching for the best  web hosting choice for their needs.

Technically the site is great. It’s simple. It’s not too busy and easy to read.
The menus are all in one place, on the right, split only into 2 boxes, keeping the options above the page fold.

The authors keep verbiage simple and to the point which is good because it’s a site meant for beginners and those looking for help.

There are lots of help pages highlighting scams, FAQs and other helpful resources.

In all is a good site to check out while you’re researching web hosting companies and checking on what you need to be looking for in the industry.

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