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If you’re a regular blog reader you might know that I’m a part time dispatcher at the local Police, Fire and Ambulance dispatch desk.

I’ve learned that, while taking calls from petrified members of the public at all hours of the day and night, there is little comfort that can be sought when you are even the slighted bit suspicious that a stranger may be in your home uninvited.

Yes, being able to call 911 (or your local number) is a comfort of sorts but how long was this person in your home before you heard them and what do you do now?

At the very least, a home security system offers you peace of mind, knowing that you, and someone else will be alerted at the first sign of some sort of unauthorized breach. 

If, heaven forbid, you hear something or someone in your house and it prompts you to call the police, wouldn’t it be nice if the operator on the other end said “Sir/Ma’am (as all good dispatchers should) the police are already on their way.”

It happens. There are many times that alarm call centers contact the local authorities before a home owner can make up their mind to call or is able to call. The call center often knows which point has been activated too, which is something you really don’t want to go finding out at the time.

Technology has come a long way too – your house doesn’t need to be hacked up to install a complete security system when a wireless security system will do just fine. Because technology is moving on, systems are becoming more and more affordable.

In fact, allow me to let you in on a secret. If you call Protect America at 877-470-2751 and order a new security system they’ll give you 2 keychain remotes.



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