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I’m always in my Google Reader. I have hundreds of subscriptions in there. I’m always finding new blogs and lots of new content to soak up.

Well, thanks a lot Google! now you’ve made it even easier for me to fill my reader with more blogs.

If you check out you’ll see picks from some high profile journalists, foodies, and tech bloggers.
The likes of Thomas Friedman, Arianna Huffington, Michelle Malkin, Paul Krugman, Patrick Ruffini, Nicholas Kristof, John Dickerson, Dexter Filkins, Markos Moulitsas, and Charles Blow.

These people are very much high profile writers with backgrounds a lot more colorful than yours and mine (well, certainly mine). It’s interesting to see what they’re reading, well at least what they picked to share with the rest of the World.


More at the Official Gmail Blog

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