Vonage introduces ‘Extensions’ – add your plan to your cell phone

Well, this is exciting news for people like me. Extensions

Vonage has announced the introduction of its ‘Extensions’ product.

According to Vonage:

Extensions is a Vonage feature that extends the value of your calling plan* when you register any non-Vonage U.S. phone number, including a mobile number. Once registered, any call you place from your registered Extensions phone number is the same as making a call from your Vonage home or business phone. The same rates apply.  International charges, if any, appear directly on your monthly Vonage bill.

Before now, when I’ve called the U.K from my iPhone I’ve used Google Voice to do it. Now I can use Vonage to make the calls.

Once you have registered your extension number, you are able to
make international calls at the same great rates as your home
calling plan.
Simply follow these 3 easy steps
Step 1:
Dial the special 10 digit access number from your extension.
Step 2: Enter your PIN.
Step 3: Dial the international number you want to call.

It is a little inconvenient to have to dial a number to dial another number though. That makes it… wow… 29 digits (access number, pin, destination number) to make your call.
It is nice that all the calls come from your Vonage account and show up on your Vonage account though.

Good news though – there is an Extensions app coming soon for mobile devices. (hope it works better than other Vonage Apps).

Mobile App

Check out Vonage here

  • Dialmate

    Looks like this is only for one extension. You can have unlimited users (using only one Vonage account) from any of the 70 countries of Vonage World by using DialMate CM1003 (see http://www.woodtel.com) without the Vonage line getting busy. User phone can be a landline, smart phone or ordinary cell phone and does not have to have a US phone number. 

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