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Data Management for Clinical Trials

People are living longer these days. Statistically, most people are living longer due to the advances in medical care and treatment as well as pharmaceutical developments. Many of these modern advances and developments would never have reached the approval stage if there had never been clinical trials administered.With the growth of the Internet and computer […]

Today’s Businesses Run on Mobile

Many employees depend on mobile devices to help them operate more efficiently. Mobile technology frees them and their managers from being tethered to a desk and allows them to focus their energies on their responsibilities. Mobile Technologies Are Essential Employee Tools Service-oriented businesses thrive when employees can work onsite with clients and remain in contact […]

Episode 33: Brunch Power Hour with Ali Spagnola

By Mary We’re in Shadyside for a session with musician Ali Spagnola, the self-described “Drinking Composer with a Music Problem.” We talk about the creation of her Power Hour Drinking Game album, her rise to “internet stardom”, and the legal difficulties that came along with it. Also: talk about our musical pasts, app development, and […]

Repairing Your Own Vehicle

People who want to do their auto repairs at home should remember they can find the auto parts they need online. There are parts of the car that must be replaced regularly, and there are other parts of the car that must be replaced in extreme situations. Buying the right part requires a process that […]

Tablet, Smartphone Use Rises Among Nurse Community While Tech Advances Healthcare Industry

According to recent studies, more nurse professors and practitioners are using smartphones and tablets than ever before — and these devices are helping advance the healthcare industry. A study by Springer Publishing of 1,000 nurses found that 83 percent of respondents own a smartphone, up from 71 percent last year. Sixty three percent of respondents […]

GPS Solutions For Businesses

Every business that has workers in the field must use GPS solutions to provide their fleet with assistance during the day. The GPS solutions that are used for vehicle fleets can keep drivers on the right path to their next client, and drivers can be routed around traffic or accidents in the area. The dispatcher […]

Episode 32: It’s A Burgh Thing with Ya Jagoff

By Mary We return Downtown to talk with John from Ya Jagoff. From sports jagoffs to work jagoffs to OkCupid jagoffs, we get into the lineage and proper usage of Pittsburgh’s favorite word. Other topics include sports superstitions, city boat culture, and favorite methods of cooking. (Warning: this episode contains liberal use of the word […]

Pittsburgh Public Garden Awakens Green Building with Large-Scale, Multisensory Biophilic Art Exhibit

Phipps brings spirit, life and inspiration to landmark Center for Sustainable Landscapes.