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Better technology a big boost in U.S. Border Patrol work

The patrolling area of Campo Station in Pine Valley, Calif., covers 13.1 linear miles of the border and 417.8 square miles in total. Much of it is largely undeveloped and contains one of the most rugged and difficult areas patrol, with dense vegetation, deserts and mountains that exceed 6,500 feet. Much of the terrain can […]

Episode 36: The Nature of Brunch with Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

By Mary We’re in the South Side for an enlightening conversation with Kitty Vagley, the Director of Development at the newly opened Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Kitty walks us through the story of how it took nearly 10 years to transform this abandoned coal mine into the region’s first comprehensive outdoor garden, and how its development […]

Stock Video Manipulation 101

The demand for skilled manipulation of video has grown in recent years as we continue to attempt to do more with less. Amateur filmmakers, small business owners and the average Joe don’t have access to teams of videographers, studio-quality equipment and dozens of editing bays to produce original content. Oftentimes, smaller firms have to rely […]

The Need for Power Quality Control

Everyone at some time or other has experienced a power outage in their neighborhood. It is a major inconvenience and irritation to suddenly not be able to go about your every day activities in the normal way. However, an interruption in power at the commercial level, where an office, production line or expensive equipment are […]

Texting: The Patient Communication of the Future

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Episode 35: Brunch and a Movie with Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project

By Mary We’re dropping the episode a bit early this week for a venture into Lower Lawrenceville with Kahmeela and Dan from the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. We delve into the difficult and rewarding process of making a short film in only 48 hours and why this festival is a great showcase for the […]

Portable 24 Volt Power Supply Units Have A Wide Variety Of Applications

A portable power supply has many applications in construction and in the aeronautics industry. For example, construction workers on sites in which the power grid is not accessible may use them to power tools. To lessen the number of power cords and improve safety, portable power supply units are used on different floors and areas. […]

Episode 34: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh with Ayne Terceira

By Mary We’re back on the Pittsburgh’s “fashionable” Penn Ave for a meal with improv star and interactive performer Ayne Terceira. We unravel the secrets of her upcoming show, Her Things, and discuss the process of interactive theater, collaboration with artists, and bringing improv instincts to a mystery piece. Recorded on location at Caffe Mona […]