Nest reinvents the Smoke/Carbon monoxide Alarm with the Nest Protect

Yes, I’m positively giddy about this, excuse me if I ramble a little. I’ve had the Nest Thermostat since early this year.   I had it installed before the Internet was even turned on when I moved into the new house.  I love it! The Nest Thermostat is a different way of looking at the typical […]

Top 5 Free Apps To Manage Your Conferences

Top 5 Free Apps To Manage Your Conferences   We live in an era where technology has the power to transit time and stay us connected despite barriers of distance and networking. As digital platforms emerge with potential capabilities; providing us with smart phone guides, apps, web-based products, social media functions, as surviving grounds to […]

How can home automation save lives?

It may seem like something of a fad at the moment but there are so many exciting possibilities in home automation right now and there’s so much more to come. I work in IT and Emergency Services – it is sadly rare that the two meet, but why shouldn’t they? The Philips Hue is a […]

Vapor Armor Releasing iPhone Water Protection Mail-in Service

Have you ever lost your phone to an accidental splash or dunk in liquid? Forgot it was in your pant pocket and ran in through the washer machine or dropped it in the toilet? The days of losing all of your important information due to such instances are over. Vapor Armor, Inc. of Johnstown, Pa […]

What to look for in your next smartphone

  (BPT) – Seventy-nine percent of smartphone users have their phones on or near them all but two hours of the day when they’re awake, according to a recent IDC Research report. For many, smartphone use is now a way of life, making it even more important to think carefully before you choose your next […]

Hearing aid technology takes a giant leap forward

  (BPT) – It’s no secret that today’s hearing aids are light years ahead of the hearing aids made just a decade ago. In fact, in size, shape, and technological advances, the changes in hearing aids have been nothing short of amazing. For example, new micro-processor technology has allowed hearing aids to be so tiny, […]

Save Your Device From Summer Heat With These Suggestions From Verizon Wireless

Thanks to Jennifer O’Rourke from Elias/Savion Advertising for this great post on how to save your devices from the summer heat. With a heat advisory in effect for our region, the mobile gadgets in our pockets are suffering from heat exhaustion as well.  An overheated smartphone or tablet can cause damage to the device. Verizon […]

Toddlers and tech: reasons to share your smartphone

  (BPT) – A lot of things change when you become a parent. The shows you watch, the restaurants you go to and the concept of sleep as you once knew it all evolve when your family structure transforms from a “me” to a ”we.” And increasingly, personal gadgets like smartphones are following the same […]