Hands On: Gum++ Power Bank By Just Mobile

We always have a time when we said, “Darn it, I wish i had a power bank with me. My phone is almost dead.” We have reviewed a few Power Banks in the past, and now we have the Gum ++ from Just Mobile. This Power Bank is compact, but still carries enough power to […]

Productivity Apps: Background Noise Simulators

There’s nothing better than sitting in a quiet room and working.  But wait, there is!  They’re called productivity apps and they’ve changed how I work.  If you’re like me, you need some sort of white noise.  Music/radio/tv/etc are great, but inevitably, I’ll hear something that catches my attention and I’m lost.  Personally, I prefer coffee […]

Hands On: NuGuard KXS Screen Protector For iPhone 5/5S/5C

Nothing is worse than having your screen crack or get scratched. It makes using your screen a pain by cutting your fingers depending on how bad the crack is, and makes watching tv and movies on it near impossible. Why not just take the step of protecting your phone with a NuGuard KXS Screen Protector […]

T-Mobile Will Pay You For Your BlackBerry

Contracts are a constant in adult life. You sign a contract to rent a home, to lease a car, to book travel, to accept a job, and more. But with all of the topics that contracts cover, it would seem that no contract is harder to get out of than a cell phone contract. We […]

Hands On Review: Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant

The Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant. Connect your vehicle to your phone.


LONG BEACH, CA.-January, 2014 – The Kenwood eXcelon DNN991HD Connected Entertainment Receiver was unveiled today at the CES in Las Vegas Nevada.  The most technologically advanced highest quality receiver that Kenwood has to offer, this year’s eXcelon DNN991HD surpasses all previous expectations for multimedia entertainment options for your vehicle. New features for the DNN991HD include […]

Hands On: A Quick Look into the Google Chromecast

In the world of internet streaming, it can sometimes be difficult to choose and device that suits your streaming needs the best. Streaming is supported by most devices nowadays. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all began incorporating this feature in their products.  It’s become available on many brands of BluRay players as well as with the […]

Nest reinvents the Smoke/Carbon monoxide Alarm with the Nest Protect

Yes, I’m positively giddy about this, excuse me if I ramble a little. I’ve had the Nest Thermostat since early this year.   I had it installed before the Internet was even turned on when I moved into the new house.  I love it! The Nest Thermostat is a different way of looking at the typical […]