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Yay! the Government has gotten in on the iPhone + AT&T deal.

Normally, phone companies give a discount on your cell phone (or make it free) when you sign up for a multi-year agreement, right?
Well, why didn’t this happen with the iPhone? Users have been forced into an agreement and they still had to buy their phone!

Also, you have your iPhone (and for the time being) you’re stuck with it and with At&T.

US Lawmakers met today to talk about trapping cell phone customers with plans and hardware and the crazy charges that are incurred if you want to change your provider (ofter upwards of $150) which just ain’t right.

Verizon seems to be on the side of the lawmakers/consumers though?! (umm Verizon, get out of your glass house)

In all, industry expert testified and it appears that the general consensus was that the US cellular industry is putting the thumb-screws to it’s customers and stunting innovation.

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However, in their defense, US Lawmakers do require that manufacturers have a changeable sim card in their devices, thus openin the possibility of using your device on other networks (whether the actual phone will work or not is a different matter) and I still like the fact that Apple turned the tables on AT&T with the whole iPhone service plan, telling them what to charge and having the user activate the phone, at least this shows a little industry innovation.

What are you thoughts?