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In a press release today, Google announced that it is launching new search solutions for small businesses.

"…Google Custom Search™ Business Edition, a simple and inexpensive way for small businesses to add Google search to their websites. In three simple steps, businesses can sign up online for the hosted service, and in less than 10 minutes customers and visitors are able to search their site using the power of Google’s search technology, for more relevant results."

Searching up to 5,000 pages will start at $100 per year, up to 50,000 will start at $500 per year, anything more than 50,000 pages will be an enterprise solution.

With the Custom Search Business Edition, small businesses get:

  • Site search hosted by Google, eliminating the need to install and maintain their own technology
  • Power and reliability of Google’s infrastructure
  • Relevant results and sub-second query response times characteristic of
  • Ability to easily set up, purchase, and manage results online
  • Full customization of search results available through an XML API
  • Reporting features that give insight into visitor behaviors
  • Options for email and phone support available through the Google Enterprise group
  • Choice about whether to include ads or not

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