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(ARA) – Now that it’s time for your tweenager to head back to school for another year, you may be asked: “Mom, can I have a cell phone?” It’s a question many parents dread. As kids get busier with their after-school activities and social lives, a cell phone is the best way to stay in touch.

Kids may be more savvy than their parents about high-tech gadgets, but parents understand the responsibilities that come with new technology. When it comes to cell phones, you often hear negative stories, like of ridiculously high bills arriving in the mail from kids going crazy texting and calling.

Giving a 10- or 12-year-old a cell phone is a lot like giving a 16-year-old a car. It represents freedom, but it also means new responsibilities. Enter kajeet: a pay-as-you go cell phone service created specifically for kids that also helps parents. kajeet makes getting your kid a cell phone much less worrisome.

kajeet was created by three fathers who wanted to develop a cell phone service focused specifically on super-serving kids (and, of course, their parents). kajeet gives kids the freedom they crave while offering parents easy ways to manage phone usage and costs, plus the tools to teach kids the responsibility that comes with having a cell phone.

“Kids are using more advanced mobile devices than even their parents,” says Daniel Neal, founder and CEO of kajeet. “They’re adept. They’re swimming in technology and they’re comfortable using it. In building kajeet, we’re helping to build the mobile devices and services I want my own daughter (and her parents) to have.”

Since kajeet has hit the scene, it has been widely acclaimed by sources such as CBS News, Yahoo! Tech and TIME Magazine which are recognizing that a service created just for kids — and their parents — is the angle that’s taking tween cell phone usage in a booming new direction.

With kajeet, kids get stylish, full-featured phones they can use as they wish, whether talking, texting or picture messaging. There’s lots of fun kid stuff too: kid-appropriate games, wallpapers and ringtones they can use to express themselves. Meanwhile, parents love that kajeet is a pay-as-you-go cell phone service, which means you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts, wasted minutes or hefty activation and termination fees.

How will your kid be able to use the phone? Who can call and text your child (and vice versa)? What features can and can’t be used? The kajeet Configurator is a suite of easy-to-use online tools that let you work with your kids to tailor the kajeet service for your family’s unique needs.

  • Worried that your kid might spend too much money on texts to friends?
    WalletManager lets you set up distinct account “wallets” for kids and parents that allow you to determine together who pays for what. The parent wallet can pay for family calls while your kid’s wallet can fund calls and texts with friends. Money in the parent wallet ensures that your kids can always get through to you, even if they’ve used up all the money in their wallet.
  • Worried about phone usage during school or late at night?
    TimeManager lets you set up when calls and text messages can and can’t go through to the phone. With just a few clicks on the easy-to-use kajeet Web site, you can manage phone usage during math class or after lights-out.

kajeet offers you a safe and affordable cell phone for your kids to use as they navigate their ever-busier lives. Kids get the fun and freedom of cool technology and you get peace of mind. What could be better than that?

For more information about kajeet, visit kajeet is also available in Best Buy and Limited Too stores.

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Author: Andy