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I was dropped an email today about a service called scanR.

I’ve had a quick look at the tutorials and the service in general. It looks great.

Nice idea, especially for those students out there. It’s just too bad my 7100i doesn’t have a camera. <sigh> maybe if/when I get the 8820 🙂

Here’s the email. Take a look at scanR

Thanks Rick

"I thought you might be interested in scanR. Especially, there new Facebook application

As we know there are definitely a lot of applications hitting Facebook, scanR is unique and might actually help students with their school work.

Class Notes is an application for Facebook that lets people find and share handwritten or printed notes from class.

Used with scanR, you can use your camera phone to copy notes, papers, books and whiteboards. Just snap a photo, send it to scanR, and get a crisp digital copy in PDF, uploaded to Facebook to share with your friends.

If you are just looking for notes from a class you missed? With Class Notes, you can see everything shared by your friends.

Video demo:

Class Notes app on Facebook:"

Author: Andy