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ATTN: For Immediate Release – 8-23-07
Contact: Norman Huelsman
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
phone: 412-2915125
cell: 412-877-3645
Bacn – new email term taking the web by storm
In an attempt to tackle our overwhelming inboxes PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 attendees addressed the problem at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh this past weekend. By identifying email we receive that isn’t spam and isn’t personal mail they created a term and an awareness. Bacn has been said to be the “middle class of email.” It’s notifications of a new post to your Facebook wall or a new follower on Twitter. It’s the Google alert for your name and the newsletter from your favorite company. 
The official Bacn website describes itself as “Email you want – just not right now.” Since Sunday people can’t stop talking about Bacn.
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Available Interviews with PodCamp Attendees:

Jesse Hambley – The Creative TreeHouse
Tommy Vallier – Talk Shoe
Val Head – Refresh Pittsburgh
Jason Head – Refresh Pittsburgh
Chris Brogan – PodCamp cofounder 
NOTABLE BACN WEB PRESENCE: web stats (created on Aug. 19, 2007):
As of 10:45 a.m. 8/23/07
10,808 unique visitors
85,580 total hits
14th on Technorati (8-22-07)
Washington Post