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An article came to my attention this morning about a girl, a camera and a facebook group.

I’m not going to link to anything or post more pictures.
The group may or may not still exist and the other pictures may or may not contain nudity (sorry guys and girls).

It would seem, as the story goes, that a poor, easy on the eyes, evidently flirtatious girl misplaced her camera. The camera was found by one or more enterprising young men who could have thought nothing but "Wow, this is a nice camera, someone must be missing it, maybe the pictures on it will highlight who it belongs to and we can kindly return it to him or her".

At least, I hope they thought nothing but that.

I can’t help wondering how successful the Facebook group has been.  It is inevitable that if you persuade enough people to join a Facebook group, at least in the US, someone is bound to know someone in there, or know of someone in there. In theory this could be a good way of using the Facebook community for the greater good.

Of course it also screams "be careful what pictures you take with your camera!"

What do you think?





Author: Andy