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Dita Rose



Writer for IGBM

Do you use a laptop or desktop?

Apple or PC?

What’s your favorite gadget and why?
I do love my Ipod and cell, but I can
t seem to get enough of Eternal Champions, Sega CD style.

What do you use your computer for most?
Listening to music and finding jobs.

Do you watch TV & Movies on TV or your computer?
I like to watch it on my liquid crystal television.

Favorite web site/s?
model mayhem and myspace of course!

How has tech most affected your life?
I have gotten a myriad of work opportunities through tech. I also glean entertainment from it. It seems odd to me sometimes to think that everyone actually got along fairly well without it for so many eons.

Do you have any web sites you’d like listed with your feature? and

Anything else?
If you need drugs to lead a fun and exciting life, you must be pretty d*mn boring. World peace starts with puppies.