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It is a new computer and Dell ‘technical support’ that prompts me to write this post.
The other day I was at a client location setting up a brand new Dell computer complete with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
Before I start my rant please know that I don’t normally have a problem with Dell computers or Dell ‘support’. I’m writing this on a Dell (Latitude D800) actually.
To sum it up. I had an issue with the keyboard that I decided to call ‘support’ and rant at them about. Also, I taught the guy I was talking to something.
Much as I love Bluetooth and would use it wherever and whenever I can. I don’t understand what possessed Dell to bundle a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a new computer.
If anything is going to go wrong it’s the keyboard and/or mouse, right? Also, if there is anything you need to fix the issue it is a keyboard and/or mouse, right?

When you call Dell support you shouldn’t be told that you need to go out and buy a USB or PS2 (there happened to be no PS2 port) keyboard to fix your new computer.

The short of this little rant is that I got so peeved while being passed from wireless to hardware to wireless to hardware far too many times I told them that they need to connect remotely to fix the issue for me (because they advertise that they can do that).
To this I was told that they can’t do this because I need to get online and type in an address to give them access.

Hmm, ,how to do this with only a mouse and no keyboard? Well, see above. My Dell guy was lost when I said "Well, what about the on-screen keyboard? I can use that!"

I fired up the Windows XP on-screen keyboard and Internet explorer and got him on and between the two of us we got thhe issue taken care of.
(Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard)

It was nice that he actually thanked me for teaching him something he didn’t know. (I hope he put it in the helpdesk software they all read off to us all day every day).

Where are all the good support guys? where are the guys who can reel off default application menu positions in their sleep?

Anyway, this is a good little trick for anyone to remember. Not a lot of people know about it actually. It’s a little cumbersome, having to click the letters (almost as bad as an iPhone keyboard :-p ) but it works when you need it.