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Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to iPhone users today.
In it he states that the decision to drop the price of the 8gb iPhone from $599 to $399 yesterday.

This doesn’t surprise me. With the holidays approaching fast and new technologies emerging a price drop was necessary ($600 was too expensive to start) and Steve correctly points out that at this price Apple might sell one or two more iPhones around the holidays.

Also – Apple is claiming that they will give those early iPhone adopters a $100 Apple store credit (cornering users into spending more at the Apple store – nice 🙂  )

However I can’t help asking myself a couple of questions:

  • Why on earth didn’t they introduce the iPhone at $399, surely more people would have bought them.
  • Why drop it now? it’s kinda close to the introduction of the iPhone and quite a way away from the holidays.
  • Why give a store credit?!? (playing devils advocate here) surely being an early adopter has a price.  It’s been long enough for those users to enjoy the luxury, right?
  • Will this effect future technologies from Apple? will people say "oh, they’ll drop the price in a month or two"?


What do you think?