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What to Get the Little Kid in Your Life for the Holidays

(ARA) – The holiday season is the busiest time of year for a lot of people, and one of the most time consuming tasks you have to get done is shopping for gifts, especially if you have a lot of grandchildren.

While the little ones are always happy with whatever you pick out for them, and the teens and preteens have made it pretty clear they’re hoping for cash, finding that perfect gift for the four to ten-year-old can be a challenge.

They already have a room full of toys and lots of books, but they probably don’t have too much technology of their own yet, even though they have certainly expressed an interest. These days, kids get their first exposure to computers when they’re still in preschool.

While you can’t really justify the cost of getting such a young child their own laptop, there will be some affordably priced gadgets sure to catch your eye on store shelves this holiday season. Among them, portable DVD players, digital cameras and hand-held video games; but if you want to make a big impression without spending a lot of money, get your grandchild a gift that will make him or her feel really grown up — an MP3 player they can call their own.

One you may want to consider is the Klegg Electronics Mini, an MP3 player, FM radio and digital picture frame unit in one that sells for less than $50. Not only is it small enough to fit on a keychain, but the perfect size for little hands.  

It may look like a toy, but the device is packed with capabilities. It has a USB port for easy plug-in to a computer, and software that allows the user to drag and drop files right onto it. The one gigabyte capacity allows it to hold between 300 and 500 songs and hundreds of digital pictures. It also has the ability to store short sound clips and record songs from the built-in FM radio that the kids can listen to with the enclosed earphones. The Mini comes in three different colors — black, white and pink.

With technology changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not; but you can’t go wrong with a gift like the Mini that will grow with the recipient. For more information about the Klegg Mini, or to place an order, log on to

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