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image Maybe this is me being terribly simple and I’d love to know your thoughts – drop a comment.


I guess this is something of a rant and lots of questions an maybe a case of ‘I thought of it first’ (but likely not).

There is a lot of talk about going green and using fewer global resources etc. etc. Can I put my two cents in about how we can help powering stuff?



(at least I think that is what they’re called)

As far as I can recall a thermister is a little device that changes heat into an electrical current.
Why not put thermisters into furnaces, water heaters and ovens?

Connect the thermister too a battery to supplement your household power consumption.



To me, the possibilities with dynamos are pretty much endless.
Of course the smaller the dynamo the better, I don’t know how small they get right now but I’m sure some of this must be possible.

Pretty much, put ’em everywhere!
Anywhere there is flowing water – faucets, shower heads, piping, toilets, the list goes on.
There is water rushing through our homes all day every day, somewhere, why not use this water to charge a battery to help supplement power?

Washers and dryers are beasts!
There is no two way about it, your washing machine and dryer hog a lot of water and power.
Why not put dynamos in them? there is water coming into your washing machine and going out of it, there is an impeller and a rotating drum and more surely this can help power itself, right?

There is a lot of heat and a huge rotating drum in your dryer, surely that can charge a battery!


I’m not all about being ‘green’. I do what I ca where I can. I don’t run the AC too often, all the bulbs in the house are CF etc. etc.  but surely appliance manufacturers can do more to regenerate power from what the appliance is doing. If that makes any sense.

Oh, and I’d be all over solar panels if they were cheaper. 

Author: Andy