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image Do you run an ad-blocker in your browser? Wait, did you even know such a thing existed?

There are certain add-ons for web browsers that, when you visit a web site, looks for code in the web site and blocks the advertisement.

This is nice ‘n all but are they legal?

Well, let’s think about how web sites make their money….. advertising. That’s how the majority of web sites make money and stay in business.

So, if you visit an ad supported site using an ad-blocker you’re essentially visiting the site and not doing you’re part to pay for it, you’re profiting from their hard work and profiting from it. Aren’t you pretty much stealing from the site provider?

From a user stand-point. advertisements can be terribly annoying, confusing, and can detract from the web browsing experience. 
You can find yourself innocently browsing a site when a less than tasteful pop-up or banner will appear on your screen.  Beyond your control.

Where is the line between usability and profitability?

As a web master and an avid browser, the way I see it, advertise, make it relevant to the site content and the viewerbase, make it unobtrusive and make sure it doesn’t distract from the user experience. This way browsers won’t need ad-blockers.

Users – block ads sparingly. Blocking pop-ups is ok. They’re evil. Just remember, those advertisements are paying for the site you’re viewing.