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Google has launched a new sharing type service, under the radar.
I guess it is best described as ‘social bookmarking’.
Simply called Google Share Stuff the service has you drop a button onto your links bar in your browser and click the sites you’d like to share with others. (pictures and more after the jump)

Upon your clicking the ‘shared’ item appears on your shared page for others to see with pictures (changable), tags and optional comments. (see below)


The coolest part of all this is the  ability to spread the love around 🙂 this is something that Google is finally getting a grip on. From the share button you can not only add to your favorites page but you can email and add to other social bookmarking sites. (Facebook, Furl,, social poster, reddit, digg). (see below)



You can select how your page is displayed to others and  Your Shared Stuff_1190339499974create something of a profile for your page. Of course you can add the page you’re viewing (yours or that of a friend) to your Google reader or grab the RSS address for it.

It’s definately cool stuff and there are lots of possibilities here.

Check it out at

See my shared items (as they grow) at