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Since Google is working on a new version of Gmail I thought I’d get my list of wishes out there. Because I’m sure that the key staff at Google pay regular attention to the TechBurgh blog and really care about what I have to say :-\

I’ve been a long time user (and abuser) of Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. I think that Google need to pretty much look at these applications as well as their competition and take all the best parts out and use it to their advantage. .

If I wasn’t such a Google-a-holic my choice of email service would be Yahoo! mail because it offers a lot of nice features. Sad to say, a few of the items on this list are there too.

Please, please comment and add your thoughts.

1. Folders. Good old folders

Labels are good, folders would be better. One may advocate that folders are from ‘old school’ computing days however, since the dawn of time, mankind has been shrting stuff into areas, and not used labels to keep a bunch of stuff together.  Folders just make more sense.

2. Animate it some – ‘Web 2.0’ it

Drag and drops, a ‘zooming’ window on a mail open.  Something. Just web 2.0 it some. Even the cliche ‘sent’ message and icon might work.

3. A preview window

An email preview window in the lower portion of the inbox window would be sweet.

4. Stronger, broader search

The email search functionality isn’t terrible ‘Google’ at the moment. You have to me kinda precise when searching for email. Let’s work on that one Google.

5. More POP3 accounts

This was an awesome function! great idea Google! however, the people who use it are going to really, really use it.

6. Work on the design

I know y’all like to keep it simple and to the point but those people who use the label system to sort their mail end up with a page two miles deep. Can we tree those at least?

7. Local archiving

I know, I know, I know.  Users have uber space on the Gmail system but there are those who like to backup their stuff themselves.

8. Drag and drop attachments

This would be great! If we could have an area of the compose window that we could drag and drop files to. Or at least work on the attachment UI

9. Color coding email

This is remarkably helpful in any setting.  Choosing colors for emails is a really good idea.

10. Work on the send to group (and address book in general)

If I need to send a message to a group I need to go to the address book, click groups, select the group and compose. Why not send to a group from an email message?
Also drag and drop to groups in the address book?

Author: Andy