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imageSo, who  was with me when Microsoft started talking about their ‘live’ services and thought "hey, great! Microsoft is going to put their Office package online and make it web based!"

Well, the didn’t and Google and others beat them to it.(oh and they still haven’t)

However today Microsoft announced a new online office-like service name "Office Live Workspace" and they renamed Office Live and called it "Office Live Small Business".

Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult for Microsoft to put Office on a server somewhere and make it web accessible.  After all they ‘do’ Office, right? They ‘are’ office, right?

Until they get their act together and actually do what we’re all waiting for they leave us with Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Business.

Office Live Workspace enables users to access and store more than 1000 documents in a common workspace.
You’ll be able to sync your Outlook contacts, tasks and events too.
It’s pretty much shared online storage.

Sorry Microsoft, seems you dropped the ball again. This is nothing new, lots of online storage providers already do this.

It’s nothing I’m excited about and I’m sure no-one else will either.  Just get Office (truly) online already.