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A little bird told us today that (mobile) is looking for beta testers for their site.

In return for taking a look and possibly answering a few questions you’ll be entered to win an unlocked HTC TY TN II SmartPhone. Drawing will be on November 15th.  Strangely, the more bugs you find on the site, the better your chances of winning the phone. 
The contest starts today.

Here’s a little about Zuujit Mobile:

  • It turns your smart phone into a powerful, all-in-one eBay listing tool.
  • You can create and post an online listing (with photos) in minutes
  • You can access the bids that are placed on your listing
  • You can receive and respond to bidder questions
  • You can manage your inventory – from your phone.

Wow, this sounds pretty good. Especially for those mobile warriors out there who use eBay a lot.

You can access Zuujit on:
Windows Mobile 6 Professional Edition
– Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC Edition
– Windows Mobile 5 for Palm Treo
– Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition
– Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition

Zuujit Mobile Beta

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