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A favicon is the little image you see to the left of the web site address in the address bar. Favicons set your site apart from others, hopefully making it more easily recognizable.
Favicons also show up in many users’ favorites lists. is a great site that enable you to easily create and download your own favicons for use on your own site.
It’s simple – you either design the icocn pixel by pixel using the grid or upload your own and have the site convert it (which is what I did).
The grid looks like of funky but the preview (bottom, middle of the screenshot) looks fairly good.

When you’re done creating you can download the file and upload it to your site. In theory you can drop the file into the root folder on your server and there you go! (it might take a while to work but it normally does).

Waiting for the TechBurgh favicon to take effect.