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Our Tech girl this week is a fellow blogger – Rebecca. .

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– Rebecca Bollwitt

– New Media Specialist for an e-Commerce company

Apple or PC?
– Apple. I have laid the Frankenbox PC to rest.

Favorite thing about technology in general
– It makes life easier and has allowed me to have an excuse for being nerdy, thus making me cool in this day and age… even though I just used the word ‘thus’.

Do you have a favorite gadget? why?
– I’d have to say my mobile phone that I got free because of blogging. It’s essential to most of my live blogs although it’s about a year old now so in case anyone wants to set me up with a newer model….

– Long walks through the park – and I mean the kind of walks where you’re stumbling over fallen logs exploring 900 year old trees getting mud on your pants kinda walks. Oh and blogging, although it’s more than a hobby at this point, podacsting (music and hockey talk) and snowboarding.

Favorite foods?
– Anything ethnic; from sushi, to curry, to Mexican

– 27

Single, in a relationship? kids?
– Married to an American – it’s quite the experience.

– Surrey, BC

Ideal night out?
– Good food and great company ie. last Friday night: walking down to the pub to meet up with friends for food and the Canucks game…. and watching the Canucks annihilate the Oilers.

Ideal day?
– Waking up at 6am with my husband and my best friend (yeah, they’re the same person) and going for a walk through Stanley Park. Watching the runners speed past us, harbour seals rolling around in the ocean waves, and the smell of the dewy forest in the morning before going home and blogging about how amazing this city is.

Favorite web sites? (and why)
– I am a pro Googler, it’s a huge part of my day. It may seem completely obvious but I don’t want to think of where I would be without it (literally). Other than that, Flickr is a necessity, and I love local Vancouver blogs and

Favorite TV shows (and why)
– Not a day goes by that I don’t use a Simpsons or Family Guy quote in regular conversation. Other than that… The Office, cause it’s brilliantly funny, same with 30 Rock. LA Ink, because they’re all brilliantly gorgeous. Rescue Me, because it can make me laugh til I cry, cry til I sob, and angry to the point of wanting to whip a shoe at the TV.

Anything else?
Pittsburgh bloggers are awesome (ie. Jennie Roth and you fine folks), and with the help of former DJ, the Rev Don Deeley, we took over the airwaves of WYEP one night through the magic of Skype. That was fun.