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I’ve been chuckling here at my laptop all evening at the sounds, effects, animations, and nuances of the Apple OSX theme I have running on my Dell Latitude D800 Laptop (running Windows XP).

I stumbled across Flyakite OSX downloaded it and gave it an install.  It’s sweet! (oh and free)

I’m not an Apple Fanatic but it’s good to have a change of scenery once in a while and anyone has to admit that OSX is pretty.

I have included some screenshots so you can see how it looks.  It comes with sounds, animations, icons, the dock and even the OSX Screensaver.
The install package is all inclusive, runs well and when running it doesn’t seem to hog too much of the system resources. Of course the animations don’t run as well as they would on a Mac but that is to be expected.

osx2 preferences
start menu