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Not a lot has changed in the way of Christmas tree lighting in the past 100 years. Since the days of candles on trees until recent years we have only had incandescent bulbs and not much more.
We’re all beginning to realize what a waste of energy ‘traditional’ light bulbs are, also how dangerous they are.

Some of my fondest Christmas memories are of my father and I getting out a nest of lights (even though they were put away perfectly the year before), turning them on and seeing too many sets not lighting up. Of course we had to go through what seemed like millions of bulbs to see which one was loose or had fizzled out, then came the task of finding replacements etc. etc. We often had to go through the same all over again once the lights actually got on the tree. 

Incandescent bulbs are hot too! no matter how tiny the bulb they warm up pretty fast, that’s all part of the ‘traditional’ lighting process.

How about going with LED lights this year?

Do your part to save the planet. Make the shift from expensive, hot, unreliable, bad for the environment ‘traditional’ lighting and use a light that uses only a tenth of the power and lasts more than 30 times longer! Oh, they won’t break as easily when the cat knocks over the Christmas tree either.

LEDs have a better quality of light too, or at least I think so.

In case you’re interested, recent EPA studies have shown that if only 20,000 (about 1 town) of Americans used LED lighting for their Christmas Tree, over 30 days there would be enough energy saved to power 200 households for a year. Wow.

Read more about LED Christmas lights here.



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