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We’ve been looking for a decent ID card printer to print tags at the Fire Department for a while now.
Each Firefighter in the borough carries two tags, in our department one is to tag onto the apparatus and the other is to tag onto the command board (more details on each on request).
Each tag contains a photo of the firefighter and other pertinent information.  The problem is that these tags get pretty beat up and have to withstand some crazy conditions a times we either need to outsource or print them ourselves. Printing them in-house makes long term economical sense.

I checked out AllidSystems and they have some pretty good deals on everything we’d need. They have Card Printers, card embossers (something I wouldn’t have thought of), imprinters and other supplies.

Maybe we could move on from the old green paper membership cards too (that aren’t wallet sized) and print some quality ones too!

All we need now is some money to buy the printer and we’ll be set.

Do you use an ID/Membership card printer? have you had any experiences with any particular models or types that you’d care to share?

Check out for your ID Card Printers.


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Author: Andy