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Online classifieds haven’t really changed all that much, write what you have to sell, sell is as best you can in text and hope for a response.

Well, Online classified have a new hero in Listasaurus.

Through Listasaurus you can post video classifieds! what better way to sell your home, car, or stuff with moving parts than to make a video of it and have it online for all to see.

I know for sure that I’d be more likely to buy a house or car online if I were to see a video of it first. Videos give you such a better idea of what is going on, of space, of movement, of… everything. Pictures can be so deceiving at times.

But wait! it gets better – Listasaurus actually pays you to post a classified online.
Posting a standard classified is free, of course business opportunities cost money but they’re not badly priced.

So, check out – it’s a bright, cheerful, dino-filled innovative classified site 🙂