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There are some artists who don’t want to be signed by a big label (believe it or not), to some it’s selling out, to others it would mean a loss of creative control. There are other artists who just can’t get signed.

It’s hard for many independent artists to gain the exposure they deserve because they don’t have big label backing. That’s where come in. described itself as a site that is dedicated to providing independent artists the best possible outlet to be heard globally.
I have to say, they do a pretty good job of it too.  The site is easy to navigate. It’s actually functional and useful (which is always nice).

I’m actually writing this listening to dance music from an artist site. The artist pages are informative, easy to read and have a nice little media player that plays minutes, not seconds of the artist’s music (it loads really quickly too).

The artist populated pages list everything you’d need to know more and in a lot of cases get in touch with the artists and independent bands

This is a great site and a great idea. There needs to be more of it.

 Into Jazz? (instead of my dance choice) check out some jazz artists