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Unlike traditional, ‘real’, billboard or newspaper advertising where you pay for it whether your ad is acted on or not Pay per click advertising companies charge you when someone clicks on your advertisement. Similarly to a customer actually walking into your retail shop instead of just walking by the window.

Many top sites and search engines use Pay Per Click advertising programs because they tend to be a far more attractive to their customers. This way advertisers don’t pay solely  for the popularity of the site, however they benefit from it.

To better serve advertisers, ad programs use targeted, keyword driven advertising. Making sure that customers who are interested in your product walk through your door.
You’d not want to open a butcher ship in the middle of a very vegetarian part of town would you? How about a hip, trendy nightclub in a retirement community?
When using keywords and targeting the advertisements placed on a page are related to the content on a page, this happens everywhere from search engines (Google is most famous for it) to message boards, from blogs to web sites.

Pay per click ads are easier to track too.  You’re able to find out where your clicks are coming from and where they’re going to.

It’s often a good idea to focus on landing pages too.  For example, when advertising with a certain keyword that just happens to be a part of your site don’t make the ‘landing page’ the main page of your site but direct customers straight to the area which they expected to land in.

Do you use pay per click advertising at all?  Comment with some of your experiences.


[This post was inspired by PayPerPost. We mean every  word though. See our disclosure here]


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