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TechBurgh would like to Tommy Vallier to the blog.   I know Tommy as ‘TalkShoe Tommy’, I guess he’ll be ‘TechBurgh Tommy’ now too.

Here’s a little about Tommy.

Tommy lives for the web. He’s been online since 1995 and building and expanding his self-taught knowledge ever since. A blogger of sorts since 1998, he now focuses almost exclusively on new and social media as well as community development.

Tommy spends a lot of his time exploring the web and seeking out new content or exciting changes and exploring various services which he uses to make his digital lifestyle easier, more enjoyable or more efficient. His entire office runs from the web, requiring no desktop applications, except a web browser, to complete the majority of his day-to-day tasks.

He loves meeting new people who are interested in this space and often travels to, presents at or helps with various conferences, unconferences, meetings and events throughout North America.

Tommy’s column on web applications runs on TechBurgh every Wednesday.

Author: Andy