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[Post #2 in the Chris Brogan list of 100 things you should write about]

As I work through the list of things to write about (or at least look through it) I’m seeing some things that would be really hard to write about.  There’ll be a bunch of stuff at the end of this series that will be the harder ones because I’m using the easy ones first.

So, how do I use my Web site?

I have a number of web sites. For this little exercise I’m going to focus on TechBurgh, as that’s where you are and it’s what I spend most of my time on.

I use the TechBurgh blog primarily as a repository for information. Information that I need, will need, could need and will likely be asked about in the future…. and general..’stuff’.

I’m something of an information junkie. I’m always in my Google Reader sifting through the thousands of articles I get on a daily basis. All in an effort to constantly know more, improve my knowledge and skills.

I’ve found that I get asked a lot of questions by a lot of people too.  Not only in my consulting line of work but in life in general, many of which are IT related. Luckily ‘IT’ covers a very wide range of areas and you can often twist things to be ‘IT’.
I find myself thinking "oh, I read about that somewhere"’ or "I just wrote something on that" often I can refer the asker to the blog or refer to it myself.

Yes, there are the other aspects of the blog. There’s the local tech company review and promotion, podcast promotion, product reviews and things like that but this all falls back on to the reference.

how do you use your web site/blog?