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I’m hoping this will incite some discussion in the comments.

What is it that makes it easier for people to open up online?  Are people more ‘themselves’ online while communicating to others electronically?
There are many, many online dating sites, eHarmony , Craigslist,, True, and others are all cashing in on the online singles market. All are full of members hoping to find romance online.

Does the Internet enable people or enable and change?
For example, would a relatively quiet person get online and start talking to someone a little more wilder and be someone they’re normally not while online? will the quiet person change in person, in real life too?


Does everyone become more ‘wild’ and exaggerate elements of themselves and their egos while online or is it only certain people who are prone to this?

There are many things that could contribute to online personality changes, lack of personal interaction, differences in verbalization, differences in perception, body language issues, and lack of facial expression remove many boundaries that would normally separate people socially.
What’s interesting is that individuals who initiate conversation online and wouldn’t normally think about saying two words to each other can (and do) talk online and find common ground and interests that they normally wouldn’t, then on meeting in person they have something to build on.

Are you different online to how you are in person? how different are you?

Do you do things online that you normally wouldn’t in person? would you?

What do you think? Drop a comment and let me know.