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Do you ever copy CDs or DVDs?  Do you do them yourself of use a service to copy them for you?

Practically every computer, laptops and desktops alike now have CD Replication equipment standard in a CDRW drive, most can handle DVD Replication in a DVDRW drive.

Though you can copy disks yourself it can take quite some time (believe me) from 20 minutes to an hour plus per disk depending on the speed of your drive and the amount of data on the disk. Then there is the labeling.
Some drives even label themselves now. Just record the disk, flip it over and the drive burns a label onto the other side. There are a few printers too which can print directly onto your disk for you.

The trouble is that in all these cases the disks are recorded and labeled one at a time making the process pretty time consuming.

Things to consider before undertaking a Large run DVD replication or CDs for that mater would be:

  • Consider the time involved.  Copying disks yourself may seem cheaper but it takes time, lots of it. you can’t be away from your computer for very long at all.
  • Consider materials. Yes, of course there are CDs and DVDs to consider, some will go wrong. You always have to have more on hand than you’re copying. You need too think about labeling them, ink, paper etc. as well as casing. How would you like the disks boxed? do the boxes need sleeves or labels?
  • Consider the cost. CDs and DVDs may be really cheap now but they’re a lot cheaper in bulk. Larger companies can get them for a lot less than you can.

Consider a replication company or at least semi-professional replication equipment for replicating more than 50 or 100 disks, it’ll save time and energy 🙂