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I caught a tweet from jonray earlier today pointing out Toyotas brand building on YouTube.

The Toyota car company has launched a YouTub Channel at:

The idea is that High Schoolers (of which there are one or two on YouTube) can send in auditions or nominate their school highlighting rivalries or traditions and get the chance to be seen on NBC Sunday night football halftime show.

I guess this is like uber-sponsorship.  This way Toyota is getting their name out there on the Internet and of course their name and logo will be plastered all over that particular segment of the Sunday Night Football halftime show.

You can find more information at:

Nice move Toyota.  This is a good way to bring parental type, car driving types in. Afterall, what parent worth their salt wouldn’t want to tune in to the Sunday Night Football to see their child or the school their child goes to on TV.  Even if you don’t normally watch football.

The association of the YouTube Channel is a great idea too. The videos from the channel are going to be embedded all over the web in MySpace profiles and blogs everywhere.

Since it’s creation in June the channel has (ass of right now) the channel has 143 Subscribers, 107 videos xx channel views.  The views on some of the videos range from the single digits to 10,600+ on one of them.

It’s a good way to show off your school and grab your 15 minutes of fame.