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A friend recently asked me if I knew of a ‘universal kind of shopping list’.

Many sites have shopping lists and/or wish lists for you to add items to so that you can check back and buy them later.  I needed to find a site/service that made a shopping list over multiple sites.

Well, this post wouldn’t be worth much if I didn’t manage to find one, right? has a really neat service/site wherein you can sign up for a free account, download a browser plugin and start building a shopping list – well, multiple lists.

The idea is that you browse your regular shopping sites and when you see something you like you click your button and select the list to add it to and comment on it if you feel the need to.

From that point of course you can log back in to Kaboodle to buy items on your list, you can email them and share them with your friends people can even use an RSS feed of your list and see when it’s updated!

You can create multiple lists and make them public or private (viewable only by you and invited others).

There’s still time before Christmas – get on to and make a list and get it out to your friends. 

Author: Andy