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We’ve all seen those huge cell phone towers, they’re everywhere, from on top of buildings, to out in the countryside they have become a necessary part of the national communications infrastructure.

Maybe you have a cell tower location in your town or even your back yard.

I’ve often wondered how a person goes about having or not having one of those on your property. 
If you’re lucky enough to be in a location where a network wants to put a tower you can make some pretty good money leasing it to them apparently.

However, you never want to go up against the likes of Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and others and risk being trampled on or worse.

I found the Wireless Landlord Association who can help you get the best deal for your property leasing by representing you and negotiating wherever necessary, they’ll help take care of marketing and promotional help too.

The promotional and marketing is a nice touch because you could have all the land in the world to lease too services but if they don’t know about it and don’t know that it is available to them then it’ll just sit there and stay vacant.


p>So, if you have land or property that you believe you can lease for the purposes of being used to house a cell service tower then get in touch with the Wireless Landlord Association.

Author: Andy