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Dallas, TX

Producer & Host, GeekBrief.TV

Do you use a laptop or desktop?
Both.  In the studio, we have two MacBook Pros, a Mac Pro and a MacBook.  For our personal media, we use an iMac.

Apple or PC?
Macs, although we run Vista on our Mac Pro with Boot camp.  I am expecting a Gateway One to come in the mail any day now, and I’m really excited about that.  I built a Linux-based Media Center PC, and I also have a Linux PC that I use just to learn more about Linux.

What are your favorite gadgets and why?
My top five favorites right now are the iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle, Drobo, Eye-Fi, and Monster Power to Go.

What do you use your computer for most?
Reading, writing, and video production

Do you watch TV or movies on your computer or TV?
Both.  We have a Slingbox Pro and two Apple TVs.

Favorite web sites?,,

How has tech affected your life?
Technology has changed my life entirely.  We had a web development company before the dot com bubble burst.  After that, we paid attention to what was happening in the world of tech, but nothing piqued our interest until podcasting came along.  Podcasting changed my world, and it’s changed my possibilities.  Not just mine, either.  It opens up so many opportunities for anyone who wants to take advantage, and that’s what excites me.

Are there any web sites you’d like to feature?