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So I was doing my usual Saturday morning celebrity gossip search, but I came across something more interesting.

I saw an article on Yahoo Tech and then checked out the link on BBC News about a man has been using his cell phone as his computer modem.
He thought that his $10-a-month unlimited mobile browser plan from Canadian Telco Bell Mobility would cover this type of usage.

I guess that old phrase about not making assumptions is definitely true… Instead of asking what the $10 data plan covered, he assumed it covered using the phone as a modem with a PC.

I guess this is a common misunderstanding… yet, since I was in Kindergarten, I would never get into an agreement without fully understanding every last word. I always figured that a phone company would only cover the built-in browser on the phone, or else I wouldn’t be paying as much as I do for my internet each month! Bell Mobility is giving this gentleman a "goodwill gesture" and has dropped the bill to $3,243. Naturally, he’s still fighting the bill. He makes a good point that he doesn’t understand why they called him when his data plan went over $100, but it climbs to nearly 6 figures and never received a phone call.

So take this as a lesson kids, always understand what you’re signing and keep an eye on your usage

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