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Many moons ago there were these things called terminals. These were pretty much the simplest of simple computers – often with no operating system ass such that displayed ‘applications’, such as they were from a serve, the terminals had no software themselves, it was delivered to them.

This idea kind of died for a while because applications became pretty complicated, bandwidth was limited and the ‘terminals’ developed into computers and were powerful and inexpensive enough to handle applications.

Remotely hosted applications are coming back though.

The advantages of hosting your applications includes the fact that you have one application to manage, just one place to correct potential errors, one place to update and one place to make changes.

Updates are crucial in software these days, no-one seems to release a fully functional version of their software these days, for good reasons and not so  good. End users rarely update software how and when they’re supposed to – having only one place to update is a real help.

Of course if you’re hosting your application in one place you’re essentially putting all your eggs in one basket as it were.
It’s important to ensure you have a reliable application delivery company.

Take OpSource for example – they have crazy support, services, backup and more.

If you have an application you need to be reliably delivered check out OpSource, they have lots of cool stuff and lots going on including rSaaS events