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PQ Computing Inc. has developed a fun little piece of software that apparently takes a photo and lets you turn it into a singing, animated movie thing. 

The Talking Photo software give you the ability to:

  • Create animated characters from any photo you want.
  • Easy to use. With simple mouse clicks, the animation can be generated in a few seconds.
  • Only one picture is needed to construct a realistic 3D face for animation
  • Animate any human or animal photos, paintings, drawings or even sketchs.
  • Automatically match lip movement with voice.
  • Support any spoken languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Create your talking photo album, live avatars on blogs, funny greeting card, pets talk show, etc.

See the demo below 🙂 I’m thinking of what I could possibly do with the abundance of cat pictures around here.

Once created you can embed the video into your blog, web site or MySpace and even send it to your iPod, PSP or Zume.

Bloggers note: the software, normally about $60 is available for free if you write a post about it (certain restrictions apply, offer valid until 1/15/08) click here to get yours.