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There is a lot of good, nay great online stuff coming out of Pittsburgh. is no exception. It’s a novel, fun, social, do-good, feel-good web site, built with the aim of reuniting lost gloves.

Gloves are amongst the items of clothing that, when I see them, make me wonder "How does one lose jut one of those?" I’m sure that there were often terribly interesting circumstances that were the cause of one hand-warmer departing company from the other.

According to the site founder Jennifer Gooch, "" is a project that connects the Pittsburgh community through one unfortunate event – the loss of a glove. The website creates a method for dealing with the conundrum of finding these lost articles. Do you leave it and hope the owner comes back to find it? Do you pick it up? Throw it away? With, the abandoned object now becomes a symbol of benevolence and hope."

The idea being that you now know whether to pick up a glove or not, apparently this is a decision that has plagued many.
Once seen and picked up a sticker is let in place of the glove where the distraught glove owner can spot that their glove has been harbored and check the site to reclaim it.
Or, should you lose a glove in the Pittsburgh area you can go right to the site, click the area in which it might have been lost in the hopes that someone  picked it up.

The site has received a lot of press coverage already, appearing in the New York Times, Pittsburgh’s own Post Gazette, Tribune Review, USA Today, as well as the BBC, WTAE and KDKA Television.

The service is branching out to other services too.

Great job!

Check out the site and the assortment of lost gloves at