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image So, you got an iPod for Christmas, you’re among many, how about an ipod case?

Invisible Shield at have just the solution for you. Well, you and practically every other portable device you need to have protected.

Not only does Invisible Shield cover iPods (the great many variants there are of them) but they take care of cell phones, digital camera LCDs, portable game systems, GPS Devices, Laptops, Mp3 players, even watches!

I thought it interesting that they protect watches – it’s something that people don’t really think of, though they often spend a lot of money on watches and they need to take a beating (especially if I’m wearing it). Sadly my watch – the Dakota Torch (not cheap but too expensive to misplace) isn’t on the watch list but maybe I can do a custom order 🙂

invisibleSHIELD is pretty much a plastic film that covers your gadget. It’s tough, durable, actually apparently it’s the toughest, most durable protective film on earth.

This stuff is the same as the stuff they use to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades.

There’s a lifetime guarantee too which is nice because if you’re covering it then you’re bound to be giving whatever you’re protecting a beating, right?

I might check out some of this stuff for the Fire Department.