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image Here’s  a question for my fellow bloggers out there.

I was reading a post this morning, it was about something or other – I don’t even remember what – but there were a couple of words that stuck out; “I wasn’t scheduled to write today but….”

Admittedly it was one of those huge blogs with a bunch of writers but it got me to thinking (not good before 5am) Should I schedule my writing? Do any other people schedule? Do you schedule?

I’m not talking abut scheduling posts, I’m talking about setting time aside to writ on a daily or whatever basis.

In 2008 I going to use my calendar a lot more (or at least that’s the plan), I’ve already been trying write during ‘daylight hours’ (well, there that goes) with a view to getting into a schedule but that’s kind of how it fell into place with the other things in my life I need too schedule.

How about you? Do you schedule writing time? What are your thoughts?