Select Page only launched last year (2007) but it’s already getting a whole lot of attention.

The goal: To make it easier for you to save money every time you shop online.

I like it – it’s a coupon site that somehow retains something of a personal touch. Just see the About Us page to see the brief introduction to the site and what they’re about.

The site is nicely designed – it’s simple and to the point.
You click a store that interests you, up comes the coupon list ready for you to use, discuss or email,

What’s nice is that you don’t have to dig deep into the site to actually get to the coupons, with just a couple of clicks you get to where you want.

The store pages are simple. There is information about the store at the top of the store page and coupons, reviews and discussions relating to the store and it’s coupons right there for you to take a look at.
There are also links everywhere directly to the vendor sites which is something that not enough coupon sites do.

Of course the Dell store caught my eye 🙂

To make the site more usable, socially interactive and set the site apart some from the other coupon sites out there has included a deal alerts newsletter, blog (to keep you up to date), and forum.

In all, is a fresh, uncomplicated, useful site with some great potential.

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