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imageIt’s nice to see a dedicated site once in a while. There are enough sites selling a lot of everything and have no real specialty, no focus. certainly has a focus – batteries, batteries and more batteries.

They have them all and I’m not ashamed to admit that there are a great many brands of batteries on the site that I have never heard of.

The site isn’t ‘pretty’, there are no bells and whistles, no animations, nothing fancy – just straight forward batteries.

It’s easy to find the battery you’re looking for, there are easy to navigate categories and a handy quick search. carries a lot more than you’d think too – they have camcorder batteries, cell phone batteries, cordless phone batteries, desktop computer batteries, digital camera batteries, DVD player batteries, laptop batteries, MP3 player and PDA batteries, batteries for Power Tools, Batteries for scanners and UPS’

They even have Certain AC Adapters!

I looked up my laptop and was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry the battery, of course asa well as different AC/DC adapters, Duracell packs and external batteries (sweet!)

I think I’ll shop here when I need to replace my Laptop power stuff.