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Then I’ll begin.  This is a different one but it’s relevant.

We tech-types sit a lot. Admit it, it’s true.
How are we sitting though?

It’s surprising what a difference the way you sit makes to your general health. I know that I find that to be true. (lol, I’m a lot healthier now I’m working from a couch than I was working from a desk in an office :-p )

We’ve all seen those crazy looking massage chairs. Human Touch has a nice range but you don’t need a chair to enjoy the wonder that is a life like massage, Human Touch also has foot rests and such that can sit under your desk and massage your feet and legs.

These chairs and smaller devices can work wonders. A lot of time, research and energy has gone into their products (can you imagine working at Human Touch?)

So, think about it – take care of your back and more, take a load off and look into a Massage Chair.