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image What is the first thing you look at when you receive a letter?

Before you even open the envelope you look at the return address to see who it’s from, right?

The return address is the first thing a person sees when they get your letter, it’s their first impression of you, it can also be pretty important if you’d like to receive anything back. It’s a small space and is often an afterthought but you’d be surprised how important it can be. Sometimes being opened at all depends on the return address.

If your handwriting is anything like mine it’s a good idea to have a label printed.

Well, VistaPrint, one of the Internet’s largest printing company’s is offering cheap address labels, well they’re not cheap they’re inexpensive.

Of course,  as with anything VistaPrint you can design your own labels or pick from some very nice templates, thousands of templates in fact.
VistaPrint is known for their ease of use in design and ordering.
Label prices start at just $7.99 for 140 and up to and $23.97 for 420 which isn’t bad at all.

I’ve never had or heard of a bad deal or product from VistaPrint – how about you?
I do know they like to supply your inbox with a lot of bacn when you sign up with them but apart from that…..


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