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The music industry has released a new report in which they call for ISP’s to become their servants in the war on piracy. This has already happened in France and Belgium. AT&T alone seems ready to sign up in the US.

The MacBook Air is getting generally positive, but not quite gushing reviews in Newsweek, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

Your local data center could be making art, or a horrific mess out of its cabling. Or several horrific messes.

If you’re a capitalist, Bill Gates (of all people) wants you to be a nicer person. He’s inspired by books including the Bottom of the Pyramid, the Mystery of Capital, and The Bottom Billion.

At least part of the Digg community is in revolt over changes in its algorithm that prevent group log-rolling (among other things).

Yahoo may be for sale (even though it doesn’t want to be).

Holy flying WiFi, Batman! American Airlines and Southwest prepare to plug their passengers into the Internet.

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